Day One of the Ignite Conference: The Official Opening

Day One of the Ignite Conference: The Official Opening

The inaugural day of the Ignite Conference, themed “STRETCH: My story, my business,” marked a resounding success. The event commenced with captivating interludes and mesmerizing cultural performances by talented dancers, setting the stage for an inspiring day ahead.

One of the distinguished speakers of the event who is also the Director-General of Ibom-LED, Mrs. Ekaette Umoh, graced the audience with an insightful talk titled “Creating a Vision Board: Manifesting Your Desires and Goals.” Her words resonated with attendees, igniting their passion for realizing their aspirations.

The conference was honored to host Pastor Umo Bassey Eno, Governor of Akwa Ibom State and the visionary convener of the Ignite Conference. Governor Eno shared his vision for the conference and delivered an inspiring address to empower the budding entrepreneurs in the audience. The presence of Deputy Governor Senator Akon Eyakenyi further added prestige to the occasion.

Dr. Sylvanus Ukafia, the esteemed pastor of Insight Bible Church, delivered a moving exhortation, reinforcing the theme of personal and professional growth.

Anticipation is building for Day Two of this extraordinary event, promising even more inspiration and empowerment. Don’t miss the opportunity to join us for another day of insights into becoming a successful entrepreneur and overcoming challenges.

Stretch. Be Ignited.
We are Ignited.
Ibom-LED is Ignited.

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