The recent study tour by NNPC Limited to our Centre was indeed noteworthy.

This was part of their one-week Workshop themed: “MANAGING CONFLICT IN AN ORGANIZATION”. According to the visiting delegation, what informed their choice of visiting the centre was the fact that the key functions of Leadership is conflict management.

Exploring our facilities, the NNPC delegation demonstrated genuine excitement, satisfaction and commended the difference we make.

Mrs. Ekaette Umoh, our esteemed DG, extended a gracious welcome, emphasizing the potential for fruitful collaborations.

The Ibom-LED Tailoring and Shoe-Making Hub garnered particular attention, leaving the NNPC representatives impressed by the impactful initiatives taking place at the centre.

In a congenial exchange with our EAP participants, the NNPC team shared motivational insights, capturing these moments with photographic keepsakes.

This visit not only solidified professional connections but also showcased Ibom-LED’s pioneering programmes, setting the stage for promising future engagements with the NNPC.

The derived benefits encompass strategic networking, a compelling display of our facility, avenues for collaboration, a positive institutional impression, the groundwork for strategic alliances, uplifting support for our EAP participants, a reciprocal exchange of knowledge, and the potential for meaningful business prospects. These things collectively paint a picture of exciting opportunities on the horizon for Ibom-LED.


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