Ibom-LED Business Mastery Programme (BMP)

About this Programme:

The Ibom LED Business Mastery Programme (BMP) is designed for managers who are seeking to enhance their skills and knowledge in effectively managing and growing a business. This programme provides participants with valuable insights and practical strategies to improve performance and achieve sustainable growth.

Duration: 6 Months (5 Days Per month)
The following topics will be covered during the programme:
  1. Financial Management
  2. Strategic Planning
  3. Marketing and Sales
  4. Leadership and Team Management
  5. Operations Management
  6. Human Resources Management
  7. Risk Management
  8. Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  9. Communication and Negotiation
  10. Digital Skills
  11. Business Etiquettes
What Will Be The Outcome of the Programme?
  • Improved Business Leadership Skills: Participants will acquire advanced business leadership skills through comprehensive training sessions, allowing them to effectively lead their teams and make strategic decisions.

  • Enhanced Business Strategy Development: The programme will focus on helping managers develop effective business strategies, allowing them to identify new market opportunities, optimize existing operations, and achieve sustainable growth.

  • Increased Financial Management Expertise: Participants will gain a better understanding and mastery of financial management principles, allowing them to effectively analyze financial statements, manage budgets, and make informed financial decisions.

  • Improved Operational Efficiency: Managers will learn techniques and tools to increase operational efficiency, streamline business processes, and improve productivity within their organizations.

  • Enhanced Networking and Collaboration: Participants will have the opportunity to network and collaborate with other business managers, industry experts, and mentors, allowing them to gain new insights, exchange ideas, and build valuable business relationships.

And many more positive outcomes.

Who is this programme for?
  • Entrepreneurs, Business managers, Business owners, Business Managers, Government Officials, Public Servants.

Choose the programme that aligns with your goals and aspirations, and join us in shaping a brighter future for yourself and your community through entrepreneurship.

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