Day One at the Akwa Ibom Made-in-Akwa Ibom Trade Fair

Day One at the Akwa Ibom Made-in-Akwa Ibom Trade Fair

The first day of the Made-in-Akwa Ibom Trade Fair is nothing short of outstanding. The atmosphere of entrepreneurship and creativity is palpable as the sun casts its warm shine across the fairgrounds.

Visitors are not wasting any time becoming lost in the delights of locally made goods. The booths display the incredible talent and creativity of Akwa Ibom’s artists and businesspeople, from fine couture items to handcrafted footwear, etc.

The variety of goods on show at the trade fair is astonishing. Every corner of the fair displays the artistry and devotion of Akwa Ibom’s artists, from mesmerising artworks that bring life, to gorgeously produced clothes, handcrafted shoes that redefine fashion.

There are also culinary treats! The cuisine department stimulates the taste buds, delivering a fascinating drive through Akwa Ibom’s diverse treats.

Akwa Ibom entrepreneurs have given the show an aesthetic view, where each item tells a distinct tale of the vibrant culture and creativity in our state. Come, take a look around, and be intrigued by our creativity.

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