Day Two of the Akwa Ibom Made-in-Akwa Ibom Trade Fair

Day Two of the Akwa Ibom Made-in-Akwa Ibom Trade Fair

The excitement and energy around the Akwa Ibom Made-in-Akwa Ibom Trade Fair are still strong as the second day of the event continues. It’s a celebration of our local talent, innovation, and entrepreneurship that you simply can’t afford to miss.

What is happening today?

1. Shop Till Your Bags Overflow: Once more, our exhibitors will amaze you with an extensive variety of items made in the area. Discover the exquisite food, clothing, and footwear that represent the best of Akwa Ibom’s ingenuity and craftsmanship.

Apart from that, there are also locally-made drinks, bodycare products, crafted handfans, etc. There is too much to mention.

2. Networking Galore: The second day offers even more chances to interact and network. Meet other business owners, share ideas, and find collaborations that could influence the future path of the business you run.

Why you should not miss out

The Made-in-Akwa Ibom Trade Fair is an excellent chance to support local business owners, make important contacts, learn and grow, take in amazing artwork, and find one-of-a-kind, locally made treasures.
Come and join us today to experience the vibrant and inspiring environment of the Akwa Ibom Made-in-Akwa Ibom Trade Fair. It’s a chance to witness directly the best creativity and innovation in our area.

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